The Weather Is So Delightful…

IMG_9409We have reading, writing and analyzing stories about weather. The students have reflected on how they and the characters in the stories have been affected by weather in their lives. We have also been recording data in a weather journal. The students have been encouraged to watch a weather report either online or on television. We have also graphing data gathered in class. The students have been demonstrating the data gathering, recording, graph construction and the analyzing of the graphs using Excel. Thank you for visiting the YouTube channel with your child’s digital stories. I will be continuing to update it as well as the class website with information and photographs.

Library time is every Tuesday. Please have your child bring their books back on Tuesday, if they wish to check out new books.

Digital Storytelling: Students are continuing to utilize the digital cameras to create stories about the school and gardens. I also encourage them to write about their lives outside of school and to bring in pictures or artifacts to use in class. We’re always looking for those writing opportunities that happen every day.

Homework: We are studying weather and have been reading, writing and collecting data about weather related topics. The students have been learning, creating and interpreting graphs in conjunction with our unit on weather. We are using Excel to enter our data and create an appropriate graph from that data. Feel free to practice this with your child at home with paper and pencil or Excel.

There is also math work on missing number problems, money and addition and subtraction. Please have your continue to read and take the quizzes on, count, add and subtract money at home. Thank you for your support in these areas.

About randy cueto

Randy Cueto is a third grade teacher at Cordata Elementary.
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