2014 is under way!

IMG_9721We have been spending the past week review math concepts and getting back up to speed with reading.

Science Fair: Next week we will begin a unit on the scientific method and performing simple experiments. The students will become familiar with the language and format of the scientific method as well as journaling their observations. This is all in preparation for the science fair next month. We will be working in groups in order to prepare for the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Fair. I will provide ideas for each group of students to choose from. These experiments will be done in class. Students will be given a materials list based on the experiment they are participating in. Each student will be responsible for bringing in those items. The students are allowed to work on an additional experiment at home with their parents for entry into the fair as well. I am asking for tri-board donations to the class for the presentations. We will need 10-12 boards (groups of 3 students). Any donation of these items is greatly appreciated.

More information can be found at SARSEF’s website:


Library time is every Tuesday. Please have your child bring their books back on Tuesday, if they wish to check out new books.

Digital Storytelling: I am continuing to upload your child’s stories and pictures to my blog and YouTube channel weekly. If you do not want your child’s name or work listed please notify me. This also applies to my webpage postings which include photos of the class. Please subscribe to my YouTube playlist so you can get emails when I upload new movies.

Homework: Home work for this week consists of math review and to define what the scientific method is. The definition must be written in their own words with assistance from you, the parent. Many definitions and examples can be found online. They key is for them to be able to come up with the language. We will be discussing this process for the next 3-4 weeks in preparation for the science fair and future science work in class.

Room 15 Happenings:

The Library – By Nico

On Tuesday our class went to the library. Ms. Benham read us the CREW poster. It has the school rules on it. All week we have been learning the school rules. First I was looking for Garfield books. I think it’s a funny comic book. It was the only one that was big and in color. I also checked out a book on soccer skills. I play soccer and it teaches you ball control and dribbling skills. Next time I want to check out the book on armies and armor. Some of my friends checked out books about knights, Legos and Percy Jackson. I can’t wait until I go back to check out more books!

Making Movies-Kellyn and Mia C.

This week in class Mia C. and I made two movies. Our first movie was called Paw Patrol. Our second movie was called Princess Sophia, Claire and the Worst Birthday Ever! Mia and I wrote, illustrated, scanned and recorded both movies. The best part is working with my friend Mia C. We also like to use our imagination. At home I use my imagination when playing with Legos or dolls. Mia likes to pretend she’s flying to the North Pole with her elf! Movies are fantastic to make, especially with your friends!

Homework for the week of 011014 

(Clicking this link will download a zipped file of all differentiated homework for the week in PDF format. Please choose appropriately for your child.)

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Randy Cueto is a third grade teacher at Cordata Elementary.
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