Have a great weekend!

There will be no school this Friday in observance of Good Friday. I hope you have a wonderful 3-day weekend. We had a fantastic field trip to the U of A Insect Discovery lab. It was a perfect day for a walk to the U of A. In one center the students learned about insects that decompose, like Madagascar Hissing cockroaches! Some students even got to pet them! There were also centers in which the students graphed food preferences of insects, categorized insects, interacted with butterflies and learned about the life cycle of an insect. We were there for about two hours and had an extended walk back to school.

I have attached the permission slip for next week’s field trip to the U of A Museum of Art. Please have it turned in by next Wednesday.

We will be working on our Bare Books next week and continue our unit on arthropods. The Insect Discovery Lab will be visiting our class room in the next couple of weeks for a follow-up visit to continue some of the concepts covered on the field trip and in class.

Homework: Home work for this week consists of working with various money related problems, addition and subtraction problems and writing about the field trip to the U of A Insect Discover lab. The students may choose to write a non-fiction account of the field trip or a fictional story using the field trip as inspiration. Thank you for your support in these areas.

Room 15 Happenings:
Cool Ali – By Mia C.
This week was awesome! In my class we are doing fractions. They are really fun. We are also reading books every morning. The book is different every week. My favorite book called Cool Ali (Alison). We also make movies. To make a movie you have to get an idea map from Mr. Randy and you write and color and record it. The class then watches it. Every week of school is awesome!

My Birthday– By Alba
On Friday it was my birthday. We had free choice and I brought in Eegees. At the end of the day I handed out conchas. They are a Mexican type of sweet bread. My birthday was so sweet! I wished that it never ended!

About randy cueto

Randy Cueto is a third grade teacher at Cordata Elementary.
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