We have had a very busy week

The students have been working very hard to complete their Bare books in time for Literacy Night next Tuesday. They have been revising and editing a digital story of their choosing for their Bare Book.

 We also had a field trip to U of A Museum of Art. It was another long warm walk to the museum. It was a very beautiful day for a walk. The students were introduced to the museum and its collections. The favorite gallery was Robert McCall’s Universe. There were paintings, sketchbooks and videos of NASA’s decades of space exploration. I would to thank the parents who were able to chaperone the classrooms on this trip.

 We have also scheduled a follow-up visit from the UA Insect Discovery lab two weeks from now. We are slowly moving along in our unit on arthropods. The weather and time of year is perfect for arthropod surveying on the school grounds!

Homework: Home work for this week consists of working with various money related problems, addition and subtraction problems and writing about the field trip to the U of A Museum of Art. The students need to complete the idea map for their fictional tale of our trip to the U of Museum of Art prior to writing their story. Thank you for your support in these areas.

 Room 15 Happenings:

My Best Friend – By Mariasha

On Monday I read a book called My Best Friend. We also watched a video that Mr. Randy said was a “film”. I thought it was a video clip about arthropods. Mr. Randy said that’s what they used to call them when he was in elementary school. On Tuesday I read to Mr. Randy and after that I made a movie. I wrote about what I like to do with my friends. I will spend the rest of the week drawing and writing in my new movie book. I hope my movie is fantastic!


I Love School!– By Janae

I love school so much! I enjoy going to OMA on Mondays. Ms. Gascho teaches us the big bells and small bells. Our new song of the month is Because I’m Happy. I like that song because it makes me feel happy! My school is awesome!

About randy cueto

Randy Cueto is a third grade teacher at Cordata Elementary.
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