Thanksgiving Break

We had our first Turkey Tot this past Monday thanks to our class parents Tia and Karen. I unfortunately was not able to run, but I did cheer the students and Mrs. Dunscomb to a respectable finish! I want to thank all of the parents for contributing to the food drive. Sam Hughes donated over 1,000 lbs. of food to the community food bank. Ms. May’s class won the contest and selected Ms. May to wear the Sam Hughes turkey costume. She was a fantastic turkey!

The homework for this week is for your child to create a visual journal over the Thanksgiving break. They will use this next week to generate ideas for their writing. Have them use color and include many details in the illustrations documenting their holiday. Speech or thought bubbles are encouraged. The math homework is a continuation of counting by groups of numbers. We focus on the language of the math problems. What does “each group”, “altogether” and “5 groups of 5” mean in a math problem. There is also addition fluency problems for them to practice.

About randy cueto

Randy Cueto is a third grade teacher at Cordata Elementary.
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