Welcome Back! It was great seeing all the students after winter break. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts I received for the holiday. The cards, gifts, ornaments, gift cards and drawings were greatly appreciated! A teacher can never have enough coffee!

This week the science fair packet is going home. The second grade classes will be doing a grade level experiment involving weather. The packet is for your review and also if you want to do another experiment with your child at home. This would be in addition to the grade level experiment.

I would like to ask for classroom donations of dry erase markers, colored pencils and snacks. Amazingly we have gone through most of the supplies from the first semester. We have been fortunate to have a steady stream of these supplies throughout the first semester. They are what we use the most. Thank you so much for donating these items. The students and I are greatly appreciative of your generosity!

Library time is every Friday. Please have your child bring their books back by Friday, if they wish to check out new books.

Digital Storytelling: I am continuing to upload your child’s stories and pictures to my blog and YouTube channel weekly. If you do not want your child’s name or work listed please notify me. This also applies to my webpage postings which include photos of the class. Please subscribe to my YouTube playlist so you can get emails when I upload new movies.

Homework: This week the students have been given a writing prompt to base their writing on. The prompt has to do with the 100th day of school. Have your child reflect on how they are different now than they were from the beginning of the year. They can focus on physical qualities as well as academic changes. Have them fill out the graphic organizer prior to writing. Please review it with them before they begin their writing. The math is a review of concepts that have been covered and new ones being introduced currently. Please review the science fair packet.

If you wish to do another experiment with your child in addition to the grade level project, please return the registration form by the required date.

About randy cueto

Randy Cueto is a third grade teacher at Cordata Elementary.
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